Rose Floral Water - Organic Rose Water

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Flow Cosmetics Rose Floral Water - Organic Rose Water

Rose Floral Water - Organic Rose Water

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Our Rose Floral Water is an organic rose water like no other. 

Our bestselling organic rose water is suitable for every skin type, and is especially good for sensitive and redness-prone skin.

The rose is known for its moisturizing, calming and soothing properties. It is no wonder why rose is one of the most esteemed and frequently used ingredient in cosmetics throughout history: rose calms sensitive and red skin, moisturizes dry skin, is naturally antiseptic and brings a dash of luxury into everyday life.

Rose water is beneficial for both dry and oily skin, making it an extremely versatile staple in your beauty routine. Not only is rose water suitable for all skin types, you can also use it several different ways. Check out the full list of tips in the How to Use -section! 

What Makes the Flow Cosmetics Rose Floral Water unique?

  1. Rose Floral Water is made from organic damask roses. The rose water is a sophisticated rose hydrolate, that is created in the distillation process of the essential oil of roses.  
  2. We are particularly proud of our strict laboratory control. Our Rose Floral Water is carefully tested for contaminations, so you can always be certain you're spritzing a high-quality, clean rose water. This is unfortunately not the case with all rose waters on the market. 
  3. Our Rose Floral Water is packed into a beautiful glass bottle, that is easy to recycle. 
  4. Instead of using synthetic preservatives, we use radish root extract that nourishes the skin and helps the rose water to stay good for longer. 
  5. The Flow Cosmetics Rose Floral Water is suitable for absolutely every skin type from aging and dry to oily and sensitive skin. It is the perfect addition to any skincare routine! 


  1. In skincare, of course! Rose Floral Water is known for its calming effect, and helps skin battle redness, acne, couperosa and dryness. 
  2. As a face mist. Spritz rose water on a clean face in the morning and evening before other skincare products. 
  3. In makeup removal. Rose Floral Water is suitable to swipe off the last traces of makeup from your face. 
  4. As a body spray. Organic rose water moisturizes and perfumes the skin gently. Especially good if you're not a fan of strong scents! 
  5. As a mild deodorant. Organic rose water is a gentle alternative on days when you won't be sweating much. 
  6. As a calming after shave. The rose water is suitable after a shave for both men and women. 
  7. As a mineral makeup setting spray. Spritz rose water on your completed mineral makeup look.
  8. As a hair mist. The calming and moisturizing properties of rose water are beneficial for the scalp and hair as well. 
  9. As a mild perfume. The feminine rose water brings a dash of floral scent to your day. Because of the mild scent, you can refresh yourself and re-apply several times a day! 
  10. As an aromatherapeutic refreshing spray throughout the day. Spray rose water on the face and body to your heart's content! 

If you are looking for products for sensitive and dry skin or for skin that is prone to redness, we recommend combining Rose Floral Water with Balm to Milk Cleanser, Hyaluron & Probiotics Facial Serum and Rosehip Intensive Treatment Oil.


pH 5,5


Please note that since this is a natural product, the scent of the rose floral water may vary slightly depending on the batch of roses. Variation in the scent is completely natural.

Origin country: Iran


* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient
** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient
*** Natural component of rose water (not added)

We have added a natural antimicrobial ingredient; Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate to the product.

About Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

  • Completely natural and Cosmos certified antimicrobial.
  • Gentle and skin friendly ingredient made by fermentation from radish root and lactic acid bacteria called Leuconostoc kimchi.
  • The antimicrobial capability is due to natural mechanisms developed by plants and microorganisms by which they protect themselves from their environment and other competing organisms.
  • Has also skin moisturizing properties. In the manufacturers study small concentrations provided a 10% increase in moisturization.

Our rose water is made from organic rose petals and rose buds by steam distillation. This gentle method allows the production of rose water at a lower temperature and the preservation of the nurturing parts of rose in the product.

Rose water produced by steam distillation does not contain synthetic solvent residues, and thanks to organic farming, it does not contain residues of harmful pesticides.

Our rose water is always organic, fair, vegan, responsibly produced and tested clean. Our rose producer is committed to responsibility in every way. Fair trade and social responsibility are an integral part of a producer’s philosophy and business practices.

Read our post on the origin, manufacture, quality guarantees and product responsibility of Flow Rose Floral Water from our blog.

The outer box can be recycled in cardboard waste, the bottle in glass waste and the spray cap in plastic waste.

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Lemppari! 💜🍬

Heini H.

Oon ihan addiktoitunut tähän ruusuveteen. Aivan ihana tuote suihkautella. Mielestäni tämän käyttö on myös vähentänyt kasvojen punoitusta. Virkistää ja tekee hyvän mielen aamulla ja päivän mittaan. Käytän myös illalla kasvojen puhdistuksen jälkeen, jonka jälkeen lisään kasvoille vielä ruusunmarjaöljyä. Tuntuu siltä, että on melkein kuin taikaa.

Sari B.
Ruususen suihkaus

Kuin hurmaavan, hentoisen ruusun sipaisu hipiälle; ihana ruusuinen pisarointi ja tuoksun tuulahdus kosteutta kaipaavalle iholle. Tyytyväinen käyttäjä jo pidemmän aikaa☺️

Tiina K.
Ihana ruusuvesi

Ihanan raikkaaksi ja viileäksi tekee kasvot. Ehdottomasti jää käyttöön.

Essi L.

Ihanan raikastava ja hyvin kosteuttava kasvovesi. Suihkepullo on hyvä, kasvovesi tulee pullosta sopivan kevyesti.


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