Media & PR

Welcome to the Flow Cosmetics media and collaborations page! 


Media inquiries and editor contacts accepts our marketing team at

Footage inquiries can be asked from


Lovely to hear that you are interested in working together with Flow Cosmetics. 

It is really important to us that the influencers who work together with us are interested in holistic well-being and natural cosmetics. You do not have to be an expert, but it would be good that our products and values are in harmony with all of your other interests.

Our marketing team is happy to accept pre-drafted cooperation ideas at

We ask you to kindly add alongside your collaboration draft information about your follower community and your visibility on social media, and the collaborations you have previously had success in! 

Note that we handle collaboration contact about once a week.


Just like in everything else, for us is important to act responsibly also in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing’s main goal is to gain the sales of Flow Cosmetic products and to lift the brand conspicuousness. Depending on the collaboration contract the influencers compensation gained from marketing can be either products or a wage. Depending on the commission quality, it is always about marketing.

Marketing conspicuousness works under consumer protection law, and a consumer has a right to know when anything is about a paid collaboration. Remember to always tag paid collaboration clearly on published posts!