Zero Waste Products

Zero Waste Products


      What is zero waste?

      Zero waste refers to a lifestyle that aims to reduce waste through everyday choices. Waste refers to waste going to landfill or incineration.

      For some, zero waste is a holistic lifestyle that minimizes waste to the extreme. However, switching even a few products to zero waste options is also a great way to reduce waste. Every zero waste product is a good choice for a better tomorrow.

      At Flow, we have been focusing in minimizing packaging waste since the very beginning. For example, we have been making our super-popular shampoo soap bars since 2005.

      FLOW zero waste products are an environmentally friendly option!

      Our ingredients are environmentally friendly, and our products contain only the necessary, nothing more. From our wide range you’ll find a product for every skin concern.

      Zero waste products are extremely long-lasting and practical in everyday use.

      The carton boxes can be recycled with cardboard, 100% recyclable material!

      Do good for the nature by switching to zero waste products.

      24 products

      24 products