Two Finnish, responsible businesses joined forces

The new responsible Hetkeni collection consists of
Voglia bath textiles and accessories made from high-quality natural materials,
and Flow Cosmetics clean, organic face and body care products.

The Hetkeni collection includes three completely new Flow beauty products:
Ritual Oil, Face & Body Ritual Soap and Relax Oil Blend.

The collection also includes four familiar Flow classics that
complement the beauty and wellness rituals.

The exclusive Hetkeni-rituals

It is often a challenge to find the space and time for taking care of yourself.
The Hetkeni Rituals are designed to be part of everyday routines.
A gentle wash, a relaxing facial massage and a calming routine before going to bed
brings mindfulness and self-care to your everyday activities. 

The Hetkeni Rituals, designed by well-being and beauty expert Mariela Sarkima,
bring relaxation, presence and pampering to everyday life. 


”Time for me to enjoy this moment”

Pamper yourself with a pleasantly
washing ritual, open your senses and enjoy.

This moment is yours.

Ritual 2

”Time for me to embrace and pamper myself”

Spoil yourself with a relaxing facial massage,
touch gently and take care of yourself.

This moment is yours.

Ritual 3

”Time for me to relax and unwind”

Let your body and mind recover from
the day with this relaxing breathing exercise.

This moment is yours.

I will give time to myself. I will embrace myself. I will enjoy this moment.

I will appreciate myself. I will take care of myself. I will pamper myself.

I will listen to myself. I will relax and unwind. I will breathe.

How did it all began?

"For some time now, we at Voglia have been planning
to add pampering bath textiles to our product range,"
says Katriina Virtanen, CEO of Voglia.

“Last Christmas, all of our family’s gift packages contained
Flow soaps and body polishes which we had fallen in love with
and wanted to wrap in packages for each other.
From this fun coincidence, I got the idea for a wellness
collection that would include domestic natural cosmetics.”

“Voglia shares a similar, strong value base with us:
We are both known for our high-quality, ethically
and responsibly manufactured products.

The cooperation between the two responsible businesses
offers new customers the opportunity to get acquainted
with Finnish natural cosmetics, and pamper
themselves with a good conscience, ” says
Suvi Kunnari, Flow's Chief Operating Officer.

Hetkeni collection