Normal or Combination Skin Set

Normal or Combination Skin Set

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Normal or Combination Skin Set

Normal or Combination Skin Set

Regular price €5,00

The normal or combination hydrating set includes:

Honey Milk Soap Bar

Balm to Milk Cleanser

Bilberry Moisture Cream

Lingonberry Bright Oil

Strawberry Mask

Hydrate normal or combination skin

We recommend gentle, softly moisturizing products to brighten normal or combination skin. This set includes everything you need to pamper and care for your skin. For combination skin, we also recommend trying our Oily and Dry Skin Sets, depending on the current condition of the skin as well as the changing seasons.

1. Cleanse normal or combination skin without drying it

Our Honey Milk Face Soap is gentle and moisturizing, making it the perfect fit for normal or combination skin. The set also includes our popular Balm To Milk Cleanser, that is suitable for all skin types, and is convenient for removing eye makeup as well as cleansing your skin. Try both cleansing products to see which one you prefer, or use both in your new beauty routine!

2. Moisturize with nordic blueberries and lingonberries

Our Lingonberry Bright Oil Serum is light, but an effective moisturizer. The oil, suitable for normal or combination skin, inludes arctic lingonberry oil that brightens the skin. You can enhance the effect of the oil by first applying the Bilberry Moisture Cream, that absorbs quickly and fortifies the natural glow of your skin with antioxidant, nordic blueberries.

3. Glow up with a moisturizing mask

The Strawberry Milk Mask is a customer favorite especially when the skin longs for firmness, moisture and brightness. The effect of the moisturizing mask is immediate, and if you don’t believe us, you’ll just have to try it yourself!


Order the Normal or Combination Skin Set and see, whether these products are just what your skin needs. You may also try our other sets designed for dry, sensitive, challenging or oily skin. If you are not certain of your skin type, you can always order more than one set, and see which is right for you!


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