Dry Skin Set

Dry Skin Set

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Dry Skin Set

Dry Skin Set

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The dry skin rescue set includes:

Balm to Milk Cleanser

Honey Milk Face Soap

Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum

Arctic Beauty Oil

Lingonberry Bright Mask

Rescue dehydrated skin with our dry skin set

Specifically designed for dry skin, this set includes all you need to moisturize and take care of your dry, dehydrated skin. Specific details of the products and tips on how to use them can be found on the separate product pages.

1. Dry skin requires gentle cleansing

This set includes two different types of face cleansers: the gentle Honey Milk Face Soap, that has been specifically designed to moisturize and care for dry skin, and the hugely popular Balm to Milk Cleanser, which removes impurities and makeup effectively. Try them out and create your perfect cleansing routine with either or both!

2. Moisturize with arctic berries and hyaluronic acid

Our recommendation for moisturizing dry skin comes down to an effective duo: the Hyaluronic & Probiotics Facial Serum, and the Arctic Beauty Oil. Both the serum and the oil will immediately soften and hydrate dry skin, no matter what the weather conditions. Apply the serum onto a clean face and finish off with a few luxurious drops of the oil.

3. Pamper dry skin with a moisturizing peeling mask

Dry skin and mechanical, strong facial peels are not the best combination. The Lingonberry Bright Mask is a gentle entzyme peel and a moisturizing face mask in one. It is the route to bright, clear skin. The powdered texture is surprisingly easy to use!


Order the Dry Skin Set and see, whether these products are just what your skin needs. You may also try our other sets designed for oily, sensitive, challenging, mixed or normal skin. If you are not certain of your skin type, you can always order more than one set, and see which is right for you!


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