Flow Cosmetics is climate neutral

Great news!

We wanted to take the next step in being a responsible company and we are glad to announce that we are now a climate neutral company. This means that we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and offset unavoidable emissions through a carbon offset project.


Our steps in detail: 

1. Calculate carbon emissions

In cooperation with ClimatePartner we have calculated our CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint. This includes emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, office supplies and everything else that we produce in the operation of our company.

2. Avoid and reduce emissions

Our corporate carbon footprint calculation shows us where we need to reduce our carbon emissions. We update it every year to monitor our progress and identify additional areas for improvement.

Examples of our successes and measures already taken:

  • we use green energy, which means energy from renewable sources (Finnish Fortum wind and hydropower with emission factor zero)
  • we recycle everything we can to minimize our waste
  • we also prefer recycled or recyclable materials in our product packaging, webshop packaging materials, office supplies etc.
  • earlier this year we also compensated our emissions by taking part in tree planting project in Finland

Things to improve:

  • cutting down business flights whenever possible (we make very little business flights already, usually 0 to 2 flights per year)
  • commuting; carpooling whenever possible
  • shortening the supply chains whenever possible
  • we want to challenge all our suppliers and business associates to take their own measures in climate protection

3. Carbon offset

Unfortunately, for the time being, some emissions remain unavoidable. We continuously offset them by supporting a project from the ClimatePartner portfolio. At Flow Cosmetics, we are supporting a hydropower project in Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Read more about the project here.

By investing in this project, we also support the realisation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as the fight against poverty and/or the improvement of living conditions in emerging and developing countries.


4. Transparency

Track our climate neutrality here, see how much CO2 emissions we’ve already compensated and read more!



As well as the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting is also a vital step in climate action. Without offsetting, the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Convention is not achievable at present – we do not yet have the necessary technologies to reduce all emissions drastically enough to meet this target. Investing in carbon offset projects also promotes sustainable development in the Southern hemisphere, so that economic progress is not dictated by investment in and use of fossil fuels.

Flow Cosmetics is an environmentally friendly choice. Find our products here.



Text: Flow Cosmetics & ClimatePartner